Different Types of Roses and Their Meanings to Gift on Rose Day

Roses are always considered as the symbol of love and affection. So, It starts the Valentine Week with Roses. Lovers send different type of roses to their crush. 

Roses are of different colors. The color of Roses have different significance, and you know, It is crucial too. Well, we will discuss Roses color significance later. Rose Day is also said to be the preparation of the next day, which is Propose Day. On Rose Day, Lover tries different types of method and get ready to Propose his/her crush this Valentine Week. Now, Let’s discuss which color of roses you have to send to your partner.

Red Roses: Love and Romance

Red Rose Flower Images

Red Roses: Red is the real symbol of Love. You can gift Red Roses to your spouse,  lover, or your wife.  If you have a mindset that you want to propose her, then I suggest you have to gift her a bunch of red roses and introduce her.

Yellow Roses: Friendship and Joy

Yellow Roses Images

Yellow Roses:  Yellow roses have one of the happiest rose colors. If you are not sure about after gifting these roses how your crush is going to feel, then give her a bunch of yellow roses. Yellow Roses are also a symbol of friendship and joy. Through this way, the moment you’re giving her the roses will not seems to be awkward.

Lavender Roses: Enchantment, Majesty and Love at First Sight

Lavender Roses Images

Lavender Roses: Lavender is the color of Love at First Sight. Lavender Roses are the pale purple color roses which have the traditional association with royalty. You can give these rose to your lover, girlfriend, or wife. These pale purple roses mean that she is your majesty and you are open to accepting her in any position of life. Lavender also symbolize attraction to the one who you love. Give her a bunch of Lavender Roses, and if you have fallen in love when you first saw her, you can give these roses to your crush, lover, or partner.

Dark Pink Roses: Gratitude and Appreciation

Dark Pink Roses

Dark Pink Roses:  These dark pink roses are the symbol of appreciation and gratitude. Giving a bunch of dark pink roses signifies that you are very thankful to God, that he blessed you a perfect and loving partner. Dark Pink Roses carries the quality of Love, Appreciation, and Romance. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation and are a traditional way to say thanks.

Light Pink Roses:  Carefulness and Respect

Light Pink Roses Image

Light Pink Roses:   The quality of light pink roses express attraction, sympathy, and gentleness. A pink rose can also represent happiness, elegance, and admiration. So give a bunch of bright pink roses if you are happy and love your partner.

White Roses: Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality

White Rose Image

White Roses: White Roses in ancient times are the symbol of true love, once an organization founded and changed the valid love symbol to red roses. White Roses are mostly used in a wedding ceremony, and It is also called the bridal roses. In this way, White Roses represent unity, purity, charm, and innocence for a new couple. You can give a bunch of White Roses to your spouse, loved one to remember the day of your wedding.

Orange Roses:  Desire, Enthusiasm, and Passion

Orange Rose Images

Orange Roses: Orange color is the mixture of Red and Yellow. As you guys know that Red color is the color of love, and yellow color is the color of friendship. So, Now you can give a mixture of red and yellow roses to your crush to make a bridge between love and companionship. Orange Roses also represents passion or sharing your experience to your loved one. You can give these Orange Roses as a gift to say your crush “I Love You” or “I’m Proud of You.”

Burgundy Roses: Unconcious Beauty

Dark Roses Images

Burgundy or Dark Red Roses: Burgundy Roses are slightly darker than Red Roses. These Roses can represent Unlimited Beauty. You can give a mixture of Red Roses and Burgundy Roses to your crush, spouse or girlfriend to make her realize that you Love her so much and to praise her with Unconscious Beauty.

Mixed Roses:  Unlimited Love

Mixed Roses Images

Mixed Bunch of All Roses: If you have your crush and your relationship is all set, then you can gift her a bunch of mixed colored roses. The bunch of Mixed Roses will complete every aspect of Unlimited Love.

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