Different Types of Kisses and Their Meaning

Do you remember your first kiss which you give to your lover? There are many types of kisses but here are the most romantic ones which you choose to do on Kiss Day.

According to a Study, A Kiss can burn 100 calories, and three passionate kisses a day will help you lose a pound in weight. There are numerous ways to express love, but Kiss is the best way to express your feelings. But Do You Know? That there are many types of kisses too. Let me explain to them also. So you can choose the best way of kissing your lover. Kiss Day is very similar to Hug Day, but a kiss has more power than a Hug.

Most Romantic Types of Kisses and Their Meaning

Happy Kiss Day

A kiss can make you enjoy that moment of your life and make you feel how much your spouse love and care about you. A kiss is a magical thing which can make you enjoy in your life. There are many types of kisses, and their meanings are also compelling.

The meanings of all these kisses depend on types of kisses and also that person who is kissing too. Kisses are not only on the face, but there are many other places on the body where you can kiss, and those kisses have their meaning and importance.

1. Frech Kiss: The Most Passionate One

Types of Kisses - French Kiss

French Kiss: French Kiss is the most passionate, hot kiss. Well, you know a french kiss is an art that everyone should have mastered. French Kiss is not easy to be mastered, but it is the most passionate and romantic one. Well, this is the kiss which will later lead to a whole other physical contact, if you know what I mean 😁

Fun Fact: If you are together for a long time, and still French Kiss so frequently. Then you are one of the those rarest couples, who can carry this passion through all these years.

2. Kiss on the Cheek: The Sweetest One

Types of Kisses - Cheek Kiss

Kiss on the Cheek: It is the most quicker and sweetest kiss of all the kisses. It is also a gesture to say, “Hi.” For some countries, it is a gesture to say “Hello or GoodBye.” Kissing on the cheek is the kissing that will remind your partner that he is open and care for you in every way. It generally shows you that your partner cares for you.

3. Forehead Kiss: The Kiss of Love and Support

Types of Kisses

Forehead Kiss: This is the type of Kiss which shows your partner unlimited support and care. While your boyfriend or girlfriend is kissing you on the forehead means that you are safe and loved.

4. Kiss on the Hand: The Kiss of Endless Love

Types of Kisses - Kiss on hand

Kiss on the Hand: Kiss on the hand is one of the oldest ways of kissing, and it shows endless love. Kissing on the palm also means that you are gorgeous. It is also a gesture of proposing your love.

5. Leave a Mark Kiss: The Funny Kiss

Types of Kisses - Mark Kiss

Leave a Mark aka Lipstick Kiss: Leave a Mark is a playful gesture. In this type of kiss, the lady put the lipstick on her lips and make lip marks on cheek, lips or neck. It is also called the lipstick kiss and ladies love to do these type of kisses. Well, A lipstick can ruin your outfit, but make you remember that moment forever.

6. Single Lip Kiss: True Love and Happiness Kiss

Types of Kisses - Single Lip Kiss

One-Lip Kiss: It’s the types of kisses when both of the partners move only one of the lips, even upper lip or lower lip. During one-lip kiss, you can feel your lover breath. Well, this is the kiss which means that you both are truly in love with each other and are happy together. It also symbolize a couple who has a very tight bond.

Fun Fact: This is common among couples, who spend years together and know every single thing about their partner.

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