History of Valentines Day cards and Some Best Cards Never Seen Before!

valentines day cards
valentines day cards
valentines day cards

The origins of valentines day cards

From 13 to 15 February, old Romans praised the devour of Lupercalia. Many trusts that the starting points of Valentine’s Day can be followed back to this antiquated ripeness celebration. To stamp the event Roman men relinquished goats previously utilizing their skins to whip ladies in the conviction this would make them rich. A few history specialists have contended that toward the finish of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I announced 14 February to be Valentine’s Day trying to recover this celebration from the Romans and Christianise it.

It’s not clear which St Valentine this day was at first devoted to, as two holy people with this name share the devour day of 14 February. Both of these holy people were martyred in Rome; Valentine of Terni in around AD 197 and Valentine of Rome in around AD 496.

valentines day cards
valentines day cards

Numerous legends have been recorded about the last St Valentine, however, these are undoubtedly spurious. These incorporate the story that Valentine himself went gaga for his jailor’s girl while imprisoned for offering help to detainees. As indicated by this story, St Valentine composed his inamorata a note marked “from your Valentine”: the main Valentine’s welcome. In any case, while this whimsical story is convincing, it is probably not going to be valid.

The following achievement in the historical backdrop of Valentine’s Day came in 1382 when Geoffrey Chaucer composed his sonnet Parlement of Foules. This sonnet contains what is broadly answered to be the primarily recorded occurrence of St Valentine’s Day being connected to sentimental love. This reference can be found in the lines:

For this was on seynt Volantynys day

When every foul cometh there to chese his make.

Not every person concurs that Chaucer was alluding to 14 February here, notwithstanding. Some have contended that he was rather talking of May time when flying creatures are bound to mate in England. This agrees with the devour of St Valentine of Genoa, which likewise falls in May. By and by, the tale of Chaucer’s association with Valentine’s Day is frequently rehashed.

The first Valentine’s greetings

In fifteenth-century France, 14 February turned into a yearly devour day praising sentimental love. Pamper dinners with singing and moving were held to stamp the event. It was likewise a fifteenth-century Frenchman who submitted the most punctual enduring Valentine’s welcome to paper. While detained in the Tower of London following the 1415 clash of Agincourt, the Duke of Orleans kept in touch with his better half:

Je Suis desjad’amour tanné

Mama tries dulce Valentinée

This deciphers generally as, “I am as of now tired of affection, my exceptionally delicate Valentine”. This exceptional letter gets by in the original copy accumulations of the British Library, which additionally holds the most established enduring Valentine’s letter in the English dialect. This dates from 1477 and was sent by one Margery Brews to her life partner John Paston. In this letter, Margery depicts John as her “right all around cherished Valentine”.

valentines day cards
valentines day cards

By the seventeenth century Valentine’s Day gets a notice in Shakespeare’s Hamlet when Ophelia is given the lines:

To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day,

All toward the beginning of the day bedtime,

What’s more, I a servant at your window,

To be your Valentine.

Nonetheless, it was in the eighteenth century that the most well-known Valentine’s lyric showed up. These lines, found in an accumulation of nursery rhymes imprinted in 1784, read:

The rose is red, the violet’s blue,

The nectar’s sweet, as are you.

While this was the main appearance of the lyric in this frame, its beginnings reach back to Sir Edmund Spenser’s 1590s epic, The Faerie Queene. This highlighted the lines:

She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the best flowers, that in the forest developed.

The first valentines day cards

The principal valentines day cards were sent in the eighteenth century. At first, these were high-quality endeavors, as pre-made cards were not yet accessible. Sweethearts would improve paper with sentimental images including roses and love ties, regularly including riddles and lines of verse. The individuals who were less propelled could purchase volumes that offered direction on choosing the fitting words and pictures to charm their sweetheart. These cards were then slipped furtively under an entryway, or fixing to an entryway knocker.

It was in Georgian Britain that pre-printed cards initially started to show up, however, these were not yet as mainstream as they were, in the long run, to turn into. Maybe the most seasoned enduring precedent dates from 1797: this card, held at York Castle Museum, was sent by one Catherine Monday to a Mr. Brown of London. It is designed with blooms and pictures of Cupid, with a stanza printed around the outskirt perusing:

Since on this ever Happy day,

All Nature’s full of Love and Play

Yet harmless still if my design,

‘Tis but to be your Valentine


valentines day cards
valentines day cards


valentines day cards
valentines day cards


valentines day cards
valentines day cards


valentines day cards
valentines day cards

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