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Valentines Day is the day of love and romance. It is the day which every lover waits. Lovers wait for this day to propose their crush and get in a love relationship. Many couples get married on Valentines Day. According to a study, about 220k marriage proposals are done on Valentines Day.

On Valentines Day, lovers get ready to give their crush roses and to propose them. People celebrate Valentines Day by giving gifts, roses, and chocolates to the love of life. Married couples also arrange Candlelight dinner for their wives. These are also the best ways to express love.

The background of Valentines Day is not so bright. There are many stories which lead to the history or origin of Valentines Day. The story is sorrowful and complicated. Well, the name of Valentines Day was put on a person’s named called Valentine. It was 270 CE when a Roman priest whose name was Valentine was tortured on February 14 for the sake of love.

Why? Because he married off those couples, who are in love during the war. As I said, the history of valentines day is not so clear, So there were no proofs of this story and are still unknown, but this is the most famous myth of Valentines Day. Later on, when this story got more popularity, people declared Mr.Valentine as a Saint and started to celebrate this day of love. That’s why Valentines Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day.

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